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Internet Safety: Called 2 B Saints Video Podcast 01

Here’s our first try at a video podcast:

Called 2 B Saints Podcast 02

Called 2 B Saints Podcast Episode 02

In this episode:

  • Fires in California
  • Josh Heytvelt
  • Julian of Norwich
  • The Hobbit
  • and more!

When I Fight with My Parents…

My parents and I fight a lot, and I always end up grounded or punished by other means. What can I do about it? Well last week we talked about fighting with friends and how to deal with it, but this week we will discuss how to deal with fighting with your parents.

Chip says:
A lot of times teens and parents fight with each other and that is often because they don’t have the same point of view. If you are a teen you might think that your parents don’t listen to you and don’t allow you to be independent or have freedom. On the other hand, parents want to protect their kids and make sure they are safe by keeping them under a watchful eye. It is important for both parents and teens to see where the other is coming from.
There are many things that we as teens can do to try and avoid fighting with parents and at the same time gain their respect and trust. Try to do things that you know your parents will appreciate so that it will make them less frustrated with you. However if the problems between you and your parents are really bothering you, sit down and talk with them about it. If you avoid the problems, chances are they will only get worse. If you end up arguing with your parents during the conversation because you get really upset, remember to try stay calm and don’t get caught up in the moment because you might end up saying something you don’t mean. I have fought with my parents many times in my life and sometimes I end up saying things that I don’t mean just because I am mad at them and want them to feel upset and hurt the same way that I do. However, once I have said these hurtful things I feel bad about it and even though I know that I didn’t mean them, my parents don’t. Plus, I get in more trouble than I already would have been in.

You can never be sure of when you will fight with your parents or why, but you can be sure of how you handle yourself in these arguments. When you act mature by not getting upset and not letting your emotions get the better of you things get resolved and you will be happier. Plus, when you get upset and storm out nothing really gets resolved and if the problem is really bothering you, not dealing with it might even make you more upset. Make sure that you deal with any important problems and resolve them, but also do your part to avoid fights with your parents by trying to help them, and by acting respectful.

Dale says:

Sometimes,you have to know when to speak your mind and when to control your mouth. When having a disagreement with your parents, that would be a time to watch what you say. Whether your parents are right or wrong, you will be punished (most likely) for disrespecting them. Often times the best way to go is to just listen to what they say and express your frustration in other ways. Yelling and screaming will get you nowhere except grounded. And I think I can safely say that nobody out there wants that to happen.

A lot of you guys out there probably have old-fashioned parents(or pretty close to it). When you have parents like this or come across adults who have these mannerisms, there isn’t much you can do about speaking your mind around them, especially when you’re frustrated or angry. Any of you who don’t know what I mean by “old-fashioned,” it’s just those parents or adults who haven’t realized that this is a new day and age and kids are like they used to be. Dealing with these adults can be difficult I know. My coach is like that, and I know it can be very difficult to persuade him in my favor when I find an idea that can benefit the team better.

In general, you have to know how to hinder your words with the adults who still have the theory “children should be seen and not heard.” This is an old way of life that has greatly changed in the last 20 to 30 years or so. I’m not saying that these adults are wrong, they should just recognize the fact that times are changing and people have to change with them. There isn’t much you can do if the people don’t want to accept the change that’s coming with the newly changing times.

If all else fails, turn to meditation or God to help you. When you’re mad, you might say thing that won’t end up well for you. So the best thing to do is to remove yourself from the situation and find a way to calm yourself before attempting to deal with the problem at hand.

With love,

Dale <3<3<3

How To Make An Apple Bomb

In the mood for something healthy? Me neither, that’s why I’m going to introduce you to a tasty treat I picked up while out camping.

Ingredients: Any kind of apple, brown cinnamon and/or sugar, aluminum foil, knife, and spoon.

1.) First you take the apple and knife and cut out the top of the apple like you would carving a pumpkin. Cut off any excess apple and eat it.

2.) Next you take the spoon and hollow out the apple, but leave some insides in it. Once again, devour everything you carved out.

3.) Then put the brown cinnamon and/or sugar to the top and pack it down and add some more.

4.) Now, I only know one way to cook these and that is wrapping it in aluminum foil and putting it on the outside edge of a fire bowl and turning it every 3-5 minutes. It should be good after about 20 minutes. You know when it is done when you can take a fork to it, apply a little pressure and the fork will slide right through. When you think it’s done take it out and enjoy your apple bomb.

The Car of Tomorrow

There’s a brand new car in Nascar that goes faster, safer, and makes a lot more competitive race! It’s called the Car of Tomorrow, and it definitely could be! This new car could revolutionize Nascar and the way races are done.

This car was first announced to the public on January 12, 2006, but has been in the making for 7 years. This car was made because of the death of Nascar superstar Dale Earnhardt Sr. who died in a wreck in the final lap of the Daytona 500. This car is made to increase fuel efficiency, safety, competition, and to lower maintenance cost for teams. Many other racers also dislike the CoT. Even Kyle Busch who won at Bristol with a CoT said “They suck,” in victory lane.

A total of 13 races using the car of tomorrow have taken place in 2007. Hendrick Motor Sports has 5 wins Hello viewers, this week I’m going to be talking about the Car of Tomorrow (CoT.)with The Car of Tomorrow, Joe Gibbs Racing has 3 wins, Dale Earhnhardt Inc. and Richard Childress Racing have 1 win. In the 2008 season, the CoT was originally thought to be used in only 26 races. However, after the Car of Tomorrow’s success in earlier races, Nascar asked owners about fully introducing the CoT in the 2008 season. 80% of Nascar owners voted for the CoT to be fully raced in 2008, so it was decided that this car will be full time next year.

Car models for the CoT include the Chevrolet Impala SS, Dodge Avenger, Ford Fusion, and Toyota uses the Camry. Most manufacturers use a different model in current cars, except Toyota, but many will most likely use the same model in the 2008 season.

Many people still did not like the CoT, one of the reasons being that Toyota is the first foreign car in Nascar. This season, Toyota has not normally done very well in races. People thought that it would level the playing field to quickly for Toyota, and not be fair to other manufacturers that have been perfecting their design for years. Another large advantage Toyota is getting is that Joe Gibbs Racing, which contains racers like Tony Stewart, will all be driving Toyota’s next season. Joe Gibbs Racing officially announced that they will be driving Toyota’s in the 2008 season.

Jimmie Johnson, with a win last week at Martinsville, trails Jeff Gordon by 53 points in Nextel Cup standings.

Nextel Cup standings:

1. Jeff Gordon

2. Jimmie Johnson

3. Clint Bowyer

4. Tony Stewart

5. Carl Edwards

6. Kyle Busch

7. Kevin Harvick

8. Denny Hamlin

9. Jeff Burton

10. Kurt Busch

Well, thats it for this week. I’ll have a new post up every Friday for sports. Be sure to check out our other blogs, video podcasts, and audio podcasts.



Massive Wildfires Rage On!!!

San Diego, California, a massive wildfires continues to burn thousands and thousands of acres. 1 million people had to flee their homes to escape the fire. The fire has burned over 100,000 acres of land around San Diego, threatening about 56,000 homes. According to, “It will not end until it reaches the ocean or the winds change,” said San Diego Fire Battalion Chief Bruce Cartell. at least 17 fires have scorched 680 square miles in just San Diego alone. Every emergency shelter has been filled to its capacity, even the navy has ordered sailors out of barracks and onto ships to make room for evacuating citizens. The smoke is so think that water from the ocean and the pools are turning black with soot. the soot is also covering the sun up. The fire has spread so fast that people who were in no threat last night are now being ordered to evacuate their homes.

In other news, police charged Tyler McIntyre, a 14 year old boy, with one count of manslaughter on his twin brother. Christopher McIntyre was at home with his brother, father and a teenage stepsister when Tyler shot him with a handgun. the police were not sure if it was a homicide, a terrible accident or murder. The investigators would not tell why it took them a month to charge Tyler. Tyler McIntyre had been charged with criminal damage and Christopher McIntyre faced charges of disorderly conduct with a domestic violence aggravation, threatening and intimidating, and possession of drug paraphernalia.

In other world news, four British parents died trying to save their drowning children when they got caught in the powerful current. Bob and Debbie Fry ran into the ocean at Praia do Tonel, Portugal after their children, George and Rose, had got caught in the current while playing with a German child. When the couple from Wootton Bassett, near Swindon in Wiltshire, were dragged out into the sea their friend Jean Dinsmore also waded into the waves to try to rescue the children. All three of them were swept away.

Top two countdown T.V. shows for teens

Today I will be talking about my favorite T.V. shows. These days T.V. has a great influence on young lives and often effects the kind of choices we make in our every day lives, therefore, it is important to watch shows that will have a good influence on our lives while still keeping us entertained.

Here are some great shows that I think will do just that:

My top favorite show right now is Projects Runway. Project Runway is about just normal ordinary people trying to fulfill there dream and become a fashion designer. The show will last a couple of months. During these few months the young designers will go through a serious of challenges to try to win the grand prize which is a car and a chance to show there clothes in fashion week. Please tune in on November 14 for the season premier on Bravo T.V.

Ugly Betty is the biggest hit series on t.v. this year. Ugly Betty which premiered last fall and was a instant hit. Ugly Betty is about a nerdy girl who works in the fashion industry and isn’t treated with respect because of what she looks like. This show main message is to be true to yourself and not to judge people be what they look like before you actually get to know them for yourself.

From the shows listed above you can use those shows to help make better choices in your life and to learn about your true self. On next weeks blog I will be talking about the greatest books for teens and how those books can help us make better choices in our daily lives and help us become better versions are selfs.

Dealing with Fighting Friends

What do I do if my friends are fighting and they want me to choose sides? In last week’s article we dealt with balancing responsibilities including friends and drama, however this week we will deal with how to deal with drama between friends. We hope that these suggestions will help you with your decision.


Chip and Dale

Chip Says:
A lot of times friends will have problems with each other and they will try and get a mutual friend to side with them. So what do you do if you are that friend who is stuck in the middle of their fight? You can always choose sides but that can often be a sure fire way to loose the friend you don’t side with. If you really want the whole thing to blow over and come out with all the friends you had at the beginning, the best thing you can do is stay neutral.

When your friends come to you and complain about the one they are in a fight with, listen, but don’t talk badly about the person with them. Once they are done tell them you understand where they are coming from, but also let them know that you don’t want to get in the middle of it. Don’t try and mediate the situation because chances are someone will feel like you are siding with the other. If they insist on you siding with them, don’t let them get to you, instead, find another friend who isn’t involved in the fight and stay with them until the fight ends.

I can almost promise you that you will get in a situation like this at least once in your life. It has happened to me once already in my life and I am sure that it will happen more times throughout the rest of my life. In my situation, my friends were mad at each other and spreading rumors about one another, which made them even more upset with one another. They would constantly talk to me about it and try to get me to talk badly about my other friend with them. I am so glad that I didn’t give in to either one of them. The fight eventually blew over and in the end I still had both of my friends.

Your friends might seem mad at you at the time for not siding with them but they will eventually realize that you weren’t trying to hurt anyone, including yourself. At the end of the day, remember, they can’t get mad at you for not wanting to get involved.


Chip =]

Dale Says:
When your friends are fighting, I realize it can be stressful to decide which side of the fight you should support or if you should support anyone at all. No matter what you do, the outcome won’t be very beneficial to you. When you choose a side, one of your friends will be hurt even though I’m sure you wouldn’t want to hurt any of them. But if you don’t choose at all, both of your friends will look at the situation as you betraying them. Now you may look at this as you’d rather choose a side and just hurt one of them, but when you don’t get involved the outcome will be better in the end. Your friends will hopefully see that you just didn’t want to choose because you didn’t want to be involved and you didn’t want anyone to get hurt in the process.

When you are in a situation like this, I would try to follow these pointers:

  • try to think rationally about the situation
  • decide what would be right or the best decision for everyone in the long run
  • if possible, don’t choose sides

I think it’s safe for me to say that if you haven’t already been in this situation, you will at least a few times during your life time. When you are posed with this situation you have to be strong. I’m going to be completely honest with all of you reading this: your friends may seem like they hate you for a while after you make your decision. Remember, your friends do not hate you, but they will think that you are wrong if you don’t agree with them. Just don’t forget to say to yourself that excluding yourself from the fight is the best thing to do. Your friends will appreciate your decision eventually.

Stay strong in all your decisions.

With love,

Dale <3<3<3<3<3

Torre Refuses One More Year With the Yankees

Yankees’ ex-manager Joe Torre bitterly refused another year with them for reasons unknown at the time. What we do know about this is that Torre was one of the best managers out there and I am sure that most Yankee fans out there are mourning his leaving as much as the team itself is. To tell you the truth, I could care less what happens to the Yankees. I’m a Red Sox fan, let’s go Sox!!!

In news more interesting than the Yankees, The Red Sox owned the Indians yesterday. They now represent the AL in the World Series. The Rockies also beat their competition, the D-backs, and are playing the Red Sox in the World Series on Wednesday. I would like to see the Red Sox beat the Rockies because I’m something of a Red Sox fan I guess. Anyway, I’ll keep you posted on the World Series next Monday.

Called 2 B Saints Podcast 01

Called 2 B Saints Podcast 01

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