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Welcome to To begin our very first blog we will tell you a little about who we are and what our hope for this website is. We are 8th graders from a Catholic school in Washington state, and with the help of our teacher, we have created this website in the hopes of providing information for Catholic teens from other actual Catholic teens. We will try to help teens learn how to live normal lives but also focus on their faith.

We are a multimedia organization consisting of a weekly podcast, a weekly video podcast, and a daily blog; all created by Catholic school 8th graders. Each of these are created with our mission of providing news and information with a Catholic point of view. Each different segment might be focused on anything from sports, entertainment, news, music, movies, advice, or other catholic events; current, past, and future. Other articles might help Catholic teens and teens in general deal with problems they might be having at school, at home or in other areas of their lives. Hopefully this website will be useful to you, Catholic teens and to Catholic classrooms around the world.

We hope that the information you find on this website will be able to help you learn to focus on your faith in a unique way, help you learn about the Catholic faith if you are not of that faith, and possibly most important of all we hope that the information you find here will help you fit the faith into your everyday lives. We can have God play a unique and special part in out heart and in our lives.

Enjoy the website and if there are any suggestions as to how to make the site better, we would love to hear them.

Be sure to check out our mission statement, weekly video podcast, and our weekly audio podcast.


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  1. HorseLover Said,

    This site is great! It’s hard to find good, sincere Christian sites nowdays, but this is one! It’s definitely going on my favorited list. 🙂

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