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How can I balance school, drama, friends, and sports or other activities?

Dale Says:

As far as school goes, you have to remember to put your studies first. Here are a few pointers I try to follow:

  • always make time for homework
  • frequently study and subject that gives you trouble
  • don’t be ashamed to ask for help, whether it be from parents, a teacher, and possibly even a tutor.

I understand that sometimes there is a lot of stress, especially to succeed. That’s why you should make sure to organize your time well. If you find yourself struggling and things seeming like you never have time anymore, step back and just get a grip on what’s the most important at that time.

In school, especially as you reach the middle school/high school age drama becomes a very prominent and big part of your school life. Here are a few ways to handle it

  • Don’t take sides in a situation that arises between other people.
  • If you are thrust into the situation, try not to retaliate to horrible acts done to you.
  • Do not instigate…the retaliation will be much worse.

Sometimes, I’m sure, all of you out there feel pressure from your friends, classmates, peers and possibly the adults around you as well.

  • try not to be persuaded or affected by the pressure
  • steer clear of people who make you feel as though you should do something that you would never normally do
  • listen to your conscience; it will never lead you in the wrong way

I know it can feel like you have to listen to your friends no matter that they say or do to be accepted, but that’s not true in any way. People who don’t respect you or what’s good for you, don’t deserve to be your friend.

In the sports and other activities side of this post, it’s hard to keep them balanced with school and everything else. I know that for sure.

  • time organization is a huge part
  • don’t overload yourself
  • don’t be too busy for other aspects of your life
  • your sports keep you in shape and often times, happier too
  • in other activities, don’t do them just because someone thinks you should
  • make sure you enjoy what you do or else it’s just not worth it

With all these different aspects of your life, you have ti be well organized. Everything you do now has an affect on what kind of person ans student you will be later in life. That is exactly you have to be careful of the decisions you make and how you use your time to accomplish your goals.

With love,

your pal Dale <3

Chip Says:
I think that having a balanced life is really important to being not only happy but also to being successful in everything you do. Even though it is important for us to stay balanced many people often tend to focus on one thing too much and let other things fall by the wayside. The key to staying balanced is to prioritize and then to stick to those priorities.

Steps to Prioritizing:

  1. Decide to try and eliminate any and all drama from your life.
    • Once you have less drama in you life you will have more time to focus on important things in your life.
  2. Decide a way to deal with drama if you can’t avoid it.
    • I have found the best way to deal with problems is to confront them directly so that they don’t continue bothering you.
    • Once you have confronted the problem find a way to deal with it.
  3. Prioritize the other things in you life like spending time with loved ones, focusing on schoolwork, and spending time on other activities.
    • Decide which of these things is most important to you.
    • I think that this is one of the best or the best way of prioritizing your activities:
      • First: Make sure to spend a good amount of time on you schoolwork
      • Second: Pick a few of you favorite activities and stick only to those few. These activities will allow you to spend time with friends at practices and games. Plus, you can spend time with family at games and recitals.
      • Third: Always make an effort to spend quality time with your family everyday even if that means just sitting down to dinner together every night to talk about your day

Once you have gotten everything balanced and you have you priorities in line you might even want to take on more activities or other responsibilities. I hope that this helps you become balanced as school starts again and as you grow up and have to take on some challenging responsibilities.


  1. HorseLover Said,

    Thanks! I run cross-country, go to school, take drama, and am in a choir! Juggling is always hard for me, but this article should help. 🙂

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