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Today’s hottest books and songs!

Hi I am Freddy Sr. I write the entertainment news on Wednesday every week. The entertainment news contains book reviews, music, t.v. shows, and the latest celebrity news. This week I’ll be writing about the book Twilight by Stephanie Meyer. I will also be writing about my top five songs.

My favorite book is Twilight it is by far the best book I have ever read, it is by Stephanie Meyer. It is about vampires and consist of a romance story. It is about a girl named Bella who meets a vampire named Edward. The story takes place in Forks, Washington. This book is fiction. I would highly recommend this book.

My top five songs of today’s popular music.
1. Crank That by Soulja Boy.
2. A Bay Bay by Hurricane Chris
3.Big Girls Don`t Cry by Fergie
4.Hit the Dance Floor by UNK
5. Teenagers by My Chemical Romance

On the next weeks blog I will discuss today’s most popular T.V. shows. I will talk about why I think they are such a big hit on T.V. and what we can learn from the shows. See you next Wednesday!!!

  1. toad from the hood Said,

    those r really old songs

  2. Maddie Weaver Said,

    Nice Song List!

  3. Kaila Said,

    That’s really cool that you guys are allowed to do this. Those are all really good songs.

  4. frog from the hood Said,

    hi my name is frog from the hood. maybe u should get newer songs but htats just my opinion! peace

  5. lalala Said,

    hey the frog thing was my idea
    good song list

  6. Elizabeth Said,

    nice songs freddy sr. luv all of them!! [[fav. is teenagers]]
    well. its cool that u guys are doin somethin like this!

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