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Hello viewers, this is sparky101 and I’ll be posting sports articles on Fridays, to cover some more sports topics my friend jzag couldn’t cover.

This week I’d like to focus on some of the sports that people often overlook and don’t pay attention to, even though they can be a lot of fun to watch.

First of all, I would like to start with Nascar, which I enjoy watching a lot. This year, Toyota became the first foreign car company allowed to race in Nascar, but have not found great success. The chase for the Nextel Cup is well on it’s way, with Jeff Gordon in the lead, and twelve contenders left. Some other big names you might recognize are Tony Stewart, 4, Jimmie Johnson, 2, and Denny Hamlin, 9. The popular Dale Earnhardt Jr. was recently cut from the chase. Another very interesting thing is The Car of Tomorrow. These cars have been in the making for 7 years now, and are meant to provide more safety and be more fuel efficient.

Next up we have boxing, which can also be a very fun sport to watch, especially live and in person. Earlier this year was the fight that was supposedly going to “save boxing,” between “Pretty Boy” Floyd Mayweather and “Golden Boy” Oscar De La Hoya. This fight was for the welterweight (147 lbs.) world championship. Mayweather, 29, beat defending champ Oscar De La Hoya, 34, but the fight was close.

Hockey is also an extremely fun sport to watch live, but I have to admit I do not enjoy watching it on tv a lot, for the simple reason the puck is hard to see. Hockey suffered a huge blow 3 years ago when the 2005 Hockey season was officially canceled, because of disagreements between the NHL and the NHL Players’ Association. The NHL finally made an agreement and games began in October, but the NHL lost much fan support, and was already an unpopular sport in the U.S.

Well that’s all for this weeks sports blog. My next post should be out Friday of next week, so come back to our website soon.



  1. Zt107 Said,

    Good Idea about making a blog about unnoticed sports!

  2. me Said,

    hey hockey isnt unnoticed!
    is it?

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