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Top two countdown T.V. shows for teens

Today I will be talking about my favorite T.V. shows. These days T.V. has a great influence on young lives and often effects the kind of choices we make in our every day lives, therefore, it is important to watch shows that will have a good influence on our lives while still keeping us entertained.

Here are some great shows that I think will do just that:

My top favorite show right now is Projects Runway. Project Runway is about just normal ordinary people trying to fulfill there dream and become a fashion designer. The show will last a couple of months. During these few months the young designers will go through a serious of challenges to try to win the grand prize which is a car and a chance to show there clothes in fashion week. Please tune in on November 14 for the season premier on Bravo T.V.

Ugly Betty is the biggest hit series on t.v. this year. Ugly Betty which premiered last fall and was a instant hit. Ugly Betty is about a nerdy girl who works in the fashion industry and isn’t treated with respect because of what she looks like. This show main message is to be true to yourself and not to judge people be what they look like before you actually get to know them for yourself.

From the shows listed above you can use those shows to help make better choices in your life and to learn about your true self. On next weeks blog I will be talking about the greatest books for teens and how those books can help us make better choices in our daily lives and help us become better versions are selfs.

  1. lalala Said,

    i luv ugly betty it is the greatest show ever
    same with the office

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