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Internet Safety: Called 2 B Saints Video Podcast 01

Here’s our first try at a video podcast:

  1. Maddie Weaver Said,

    Hey guys its maddie from cataldo cool website! Nice Video

  2. Maddie Weaver Said,

    Keep up the good work!

  3. marc chang Said,

    nice vid guys ty for the info. ^^

  4. Alexandra Said,

    Tee hee! I like this a lot. It’s good advice, too. My friends and I frequent several Internet games where you can chat, and we see people giving out personal information, and even trying to get dates. We are always careful, though, and go by pseudonyms.
    Thanks for the fun video!

  5. Alexandra Said,

    Oh yes, forgot to say, if you are creating an email account or joining an online game, don’t put any real information on there. And make sure to say you are at least 30 years older than you are!

  6. wiggy Said,

    that was a very educational video, i enjoyed it 2 the fullest! there was some real knee slappers in the bloopers
    btw I LUVED IT!!!!!!!! (PEACE OUT)

  7. Huntah and Mattah Said,

    Hi ya’ll. Your video offers some fantast-ic-al-icious advice.

  8. peanut butter Said,

    hey guys. awesome video! love the bloopers. it was really educational and funny! keep it up!

  9. frog from the hood Said,

    fabulous job everybody! ur website is awesome

  10. frog from the hood Said,

    luv the bloopers!

  11. bubbles Said,

    hey,guys,this is bubbles!thanks so much 4 all the comments. they really help us know how we r doin! if u have any suggestions or anything, just let us know!!!!!


  12. H&S Said,

    “clap,clap” !YOU ROCK! Way to go team…fab job on the video…can’t wait to see more!

  13. me Said,

    kool website u should make another video but with more bloopers

  14. Elizabeth Said,

    WOW! this is awesome! its cool that you guys have a website that you can do this on! Absolutely luved the bloobers! well keep up the great work! i miss all of you guys! biie!

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