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The Unnoticed Sports

Hello viewers, this is sparky101 and I’ll be posting sports articles on Fridays, to cover some more sports topics my friend jzag couldn’t cover.

This week I’d like to focus on some of the sports that people often overlook and don’t pay attention to, even though they can be a lot of fun to watch.

First of all, I would like to start with Nascar, which I enjoy watching a lot. This year, Toyota became the first foreign car company allowed to race in Nascar, but have not found great success. The chase for the Nextel Cup is well on it’s way, with Jeff Gordon in the lead, and twelve contenders left. Some other big names you might recognize are Tony Stewart, 4, Jimmie Johnson, 2, and Denny Hamlin, 9. The popular Dale Earnhardt Jr. was recently cut from the chase. Another very interesting thing is The Car of Tomorrow. These cars have been in the making for 7 years now, and are meant to provide more safety and be more fuel efficient.

Next up we have boxing, which can also be a very fun sport to watch, especially live and in person. Earlier this year was the fight that was supposedly going to “save boxing,” between “Pretty Boy” Floyd Mayweather and “Golden Boy” Oscar De La Hoya. This fight was for the welterweight (147 lbs.) world championship. Mayweather, 29, beat defending champ Oscar De La Hoya, 34, but the fight was close.

Hockey is also an extremely fun sport to watch live, but I have to admit I do not enjoy watching it on tv a lot, for the simple reason the puck is hard to see. Hockey suffered a huge blow 3 years ago when the 2005 Hockey season was officially canceled, because of disagreements between the NHL and the NHL Players’ Association. The NHL finally made an agreement and games began in October, but the NHL lost much fan support, and was already an unpopular sport in the U.S.

Well that’s all for this weeks sports blog. My next post should be out Friday of next week, so come back to our website soon.



The Latest In World News

Hi my name is Carl and I will be giving you breaking news from around the U.S. and around the world. An upcoming debate is if we should lower the drinking age in the U.S. Many people think it is a bad idea because there are many reports of underage drinking that causes severe accidents while driving. Others think that the drinking age should be lowered because then when they become 21 they go binge drinking and don’t know how to handle alcohol. I think that the drinking age should not be lowered to 18 because if they do lower it then they 18 year olds will take advantage of it.

Another developing story is about a 6 year old boy who decided that he wanted to drive his grandmother’s car to Applebee’s and get something to eat. He did not get that far because he backed into an Avista utilities power line.200 people are without power in Colorado. It looks like the mother doesn’t have a handle on this child.

In Ohio a mother of a 2 year old daughter, left her child in her parked car for 8 hours in the sun. The temperatures outside reached about 100 degrees outside and 150 degrees in the car!! The 2 year old girl died before they could get inside to her. OK how can you forget about your kid in the back of your car for eight hours. Wouldn’t the mother see when she got out of her car that there was a small little girl in the back of the car? They investigated the mother and was found innocent. 340 children have died from being left in their cars that reach over 100 degree.

Going on right now is a worldwide man hunt for A man named Chris Neil. He is the world’s most wanted pedophile. He is using a Canadian passport to get around the world and has abused over 12 Asian children. He posing as an English teacher in Yongin, South Korea. They are currently searching in Thailand for this man

About 110 people were killed Thursday night in Pakistan during a motorcade that was carrying a former Pakistani prime minister Benazir Bhutto. Two explosions went off in the motorcade but Bhutto was not hurt.

Today’s hottest books and songs!

Hi I am Freddy Sr. I write the entertainment news on Wednesday every week. The entertainment news contains book reviews, music, t.v. shows, and the latest celebrity news. This week I’ll be writing about the book Twilight by Stephanie Meyer. I will also be writing about my top five songs.

My favorite book is Twilight it is by far the best book I have ever read, it is by Stephanie Meyer. It is about vampires and consist of a romance story. It is about a girl named Bella who meets a vampire named Edward. The story takes place in Forks, Washington. This book is fiction. I would highly recommend this book.

My top five songs of today’s popular music.
1. Crank That by Soulja Boy.
2. A Bay Bay by Hurricane Chris
3.Big Girls Don`t Cry by Fergie
4.Hit the Dance Floor by UNK
5. Teenagers by My Chemical Romance

On the next weeks blog I will discuss today’s most popular T.V. shows. I will talk about why I think they are such a big hit on T.V. and what we can learn from the shows. See you next Wednesday!!!

How can I balance school, drama, friends, and sports or other activities?

Dale Says:

As far as school goes, you have to remember to put your studies first. Here are a few pointers I try to follow:

  • always make time for homework
  • frequently study and subject that gives you trouble
  • don’t be ashamed to ask for help, whether it be from parents, a teacher, and possibly even a tutor.

I understand that sometimes there is a lot of stress, especially to succeed. That’s why you should make sure to organize your time well. If you find yourself struggling and things seeming like you never have time anymore, step back and just get a grip on what’s the most important at that time.

In school, especially as you reach the middle school/high school age drama becomes a very prominent and big part of your school life. Here are a few ways to handle it

  • Don’t take sides in a situation that arises between other people.
  • If you are thrust into the situation, try not to retaliate to horrible acts done to you.
  • Do not instigate…the retaliation will be much worse.

Sometimes, I’m sure, all of you out there feel pressure from your friends, classmates, peers and possibly the adults around you as well.

  • try not to be persuaded or affected by the pressure
  • steer clear of people who make you feel as though you should do something that you would never normally do
  • listen to your conscience; it will never lead you in the wrong way

I know it can feel like you have to listen to your friends no matter that they say or do to be accepted, but that’s not true in any way. People who don’t respect you or what’s good for you, don’t deserve to be your friend.

In the sports and other activities side of this post, it’s hard to keep them balanced with school and everything else. I know that for sure.

  • time organization is a huge part
  • don’t overload yourself
  • don’t be too busy for other aspects of your life
  • your sports keep you in shape and often times, happier too
  • in other activities, don’t do them just because someone thinks you should
  • make sure you enjoy what you do or else it’s just not worth it

With all these different aspects of your life, you have ti be well organized. Everything you do now has an affect on what kind of person ans student you will be later in life. That is exactly you have to be careful of the decisions you make and how you use your time to accomplish your goals.

With love,

your pal Dale <3

Chip Says:
I think that having a balanced life is really important to being not only happy but also to being successful in everything you do. Even though it is important for us to stay balanced many people often tend to focus on one thing too much and let other things fall by the wayside. The key to staying balanced is to prioritize and then to stick to those priorities.

Steps to Prioritizing:

  1. Decide to try and eliminate any and all drama from your life.
    • Once you have less drama in you life you will have more time to focus on important things in your life.
  2. Decide a way to deal with drama if you can’t avoid it.
    • I have found the best way to deal with problems is to confront them directly so that they don’t continue bothering you.
    • Once you have confronted the problem find a way to deal with it.
  3. Prioritize the other things in you life like spending time with loved ones, focusing on schoolwork, and spending time on other activities.
    • Decide which of these things is most important to you.
    • I think that this is one of the best or the best way of prioritizing your activities:
      • First: Make sure to spend a good amount of time on you schoolwork
      • Second: Pick a few of you favorite activities and stick only to those few. These activities will allow you to spend time with friends at practices and games. Plus, you can spend time with family at games and recitals.
      • Third: Always make an effort to spend quality time with your family everyday even if that means just sitting down to dinner together every night to talk about your day

Once you have gotten everything balanced and you have you priorities in line you might even want to take on more activities or other responsibilities. I hope that this helps you become balanced as school starts again and as you grow up and have to take on some challenging responsibilities.


Welcome to the Sports Section of our Blog

This is the sports section of the blog where I’ll be talking about sports news for the week and other sports events.

The AL and NL baseball championship series are in full swing. The game today, between the Boston Red Sox and the Cleveland Indians is an important game with the series tied 1-1. Last I checked, the Indians were leading it 2 to nothing in the top of the fourth inning. Rockies player Yorvit Torrealba hit a tie-breaking 3 run homerun during game 3 of their series to put the Rockies up 4 to 1 which helped them win the game to be up in the series 3 to 0.

The New Orleans Saints, with star college runningback Reggie Bush, finally got their first win of the season yesterday against the Seahawks 28 to 17. Bush weaved in and out of the defense to earn the 141 yards that he got. San Diego Chargers’ ex-quarterback Drew Brees threw for 246 yards, 113 of which went to David Patten. The Seahawks, on the other hand, didn’t do so well. Shaun Alexander, runningback for the Seahawks, only ran for 35 yards that game. Matt Hasselbeck passed for 362 yards surprisingly but that mainly came from trying to come back after being down by three touchdowns.

What Everybody Should Know About

Welcome to To begin our very first blog we will tell you a little about who we are and what our hope for this website is. We are 8th graders from a Catholic school in Washington state, and with the help of our teacher, we have created this website in the hopes of providing information for Catholic teens from other actual Catholic teens. We will try to help teens learn how to live normal lives but also focus on their faith.

We are a multimedia organization consisting of a weekly podcast, a weekly video podcast, and a daily blog; all created by Catholic school 8th graders. Each of these are created with our mission of providing news and information with a Catholic point of view. Each different segment might be focused on anything from sports, entertainment, news, music, movies, advice, or other catholic events; current, past, and future. Other articles might help Catholic teens and teens in general deal with problems they might be having at school, at home or in other areas of their lives. Hopefully this website will be useful to you, Catholic teens and to Catholic classrooms around the world.

We hope that the information you find on this website will be able to help you learn to focus on your faith in a unique way, help you learn about the Catholic faith if you are not of that faith, and possibly most important of all we hope that the information you find here will help you fit the faith into your everyday lives. We can have God play a unique and special part in out heart and in our lives.

Enjoy the website and if there are any suggestions as to how to make the site better, we would love to hear them.

Be sure to check out our mission statement, weekly video podcast, and our weekly audio podcast.


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