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Last time we wrote an article, we discussed what to do in a situation where your friend has told you a secret that could be dangerous to them. This week, we’re going to deal with the dreaded green-eyed monster; jealousy.

Chip Says:
Some times when there is something that we want we do get jealous and later we will feel bad for being jealous. Everyone has felt jealous at least once in their lives but is it OK to be jealous?
Technically jealousy is often considered to be a sin because it is similar to envy, one of the seven deadly sins, but how can you avoid it and what do you do if you can’t? Well, you should always try to avoid jealousy by fulfilling the things that will make you happy. If you do that then you will be happy and probably won’t have anything to be jealous about. Fulfilling the things that you want doesn’t necessarily mean getting material things or doing things just for yourself. Often times if you help others or do things for others you will end up feeling better about yourself and usually when that happens you won’t be jealous of others because you will be fulfilled and have the things that you want.
If you fulfill your dreams and desires and you still get jealous over what can you do? You need to repent. Go to confession and talk to your priest and then repent your sin. After you have done that just go out and remember to make yourself happy by doing what you need, want, and by helping others. If you do that you want need to be jealous others again.

Dale Says: Jealousy is a big issue among us, especially at our age. Jealousy occurs in friendships, relationships, and even among your peers whether you know them or not. It can destroy even the best and strongest of friendships and relationships. I know that everyone is affected by jealousy and sometimes a jealous person can become really ugly, as far as their personality goes. I have had to deal with jealousy too.

In my opinion, jealousy can rule your every action if you don’t know how to handle it right. If you let things get out of hand, you might end of losing a good friendship or destroying a loving relationship. Jealousy can turn into anger and when you act in anger, you do rash things that you will most likely regret later. Even though jealousy is an intense emotion, you have to struggle to keep it under control.

You can’t control whether or not you get jealous, but you can control how you react to it. Don’t let your actions get out of hand and you can prevent a lot of unnecessary hurt to your friends, family and others you have relationships with.

With Love,
Dale <3<3<3

Thanksgiving: Video Podcast 02

It’s a little late because of technical difficulties, but here it is:

Super Bowl 41.5

Last week the Indianapolis Colts and the New England Patriots played what most people called the biggest regular season game ever. Both of these teams were undefeated going into what was being called “Super Bowl 41.5.” The Patriots were surprisingly favored by most people to win the game, even though the Colts are undefeated, playing at, and even the defending champs. I’m sure this had to anger the Colts, not being the favorite to win. It’s almost unthinkable for an undefeated super bowl champion, at home, to not be favored.

The Colts were leading most of the game until Brady threw 2 touchdown passes in the fourth quarter to take the lead. The final score was 24-20. Peyton manning is thought by many people to be the best quarterback of all time, with a season high record of 49 touchdown passes. Tom Brady however is now on track to shatter Manning’s record. Brady has 30 touchdown passes, and still have of the season to set a new record.

Both teams had something fueling them to win and prove themselves. The Patriots were caught videotaping the play calls of coaches on the opposing sidelines, and accused of using the videos to figure out the other teams plays. Many people criticized the Patriots saying this helped them win games this season, and possibly games from other seasons. Since then the Patriots have wanted to prove that the videotaping has nothing to do with their ability, and so far have done a good job. The Indianapolis Colts, as I’ve already said, were angered that the Patriots get all the attention. What more can they do to prove themselves? They have been undefeated for their last 14 games and won a super bowl in that time, and still people chose the Patriots to win. It seems that the Patriots wanted the win more however, and that’s why they won, but not by much.

The Indianapolis Colts were surprisingly upset by the San Diego Chargers this weekend, for their second loss. Peyton Manning threw for a franchise record of 6 interceptions. The Colts put up a fight in the fourth quarter however and scored 2 touchdowns, making the score 23-21 Chargers. Adam Vinatieri, thought by many to be the best kicker ever, could of won the game with a 29 yard field goal. Surprisingly, it was one of the few field goals he missed in his career. The Patriots had a bye week.



5 Steps To A Better Basketball Shot

Here is something I’d always wanted to know until a couple of years ago at a Gonzaga Prep basketball camp.

First of all there are, as the title says, 5 steps to having a better basketball shot. These aren’t really steps as much as positions, but here it goes.

1.) The first step is to square your feet up to the basket. For those of you who don’t know what that is, it is pretty much pointing your feet at the basket. Your dominant side foot (if your right handed it’s your right foot and vice versa) should be a little bit in front of your other foot.

2.) The second step is to bend your knees. Not all of your power comes from your arms, most of it is your legs.

3.) The third step is to bend your dominant arm in a side-ways “U” shape (kind of like bending your arm backward to touch your forehead) and tuck your elbow in.

4.) The second-to-last step is to have your non-dominant hand on the inside side of the basketball. If you are right handed it’s on the left side of the ball.

5.) The last step is a follow through. As you shoot, your knees should unbend at the same time your arm does. When your arm unbends, unbend it toward the basket, sort of like pointing at it. When you let go of the ball, your wrist should be pointing down like you were reaching into a cookie jar as a follow through.

Now, if you work on this technique, your basketball shot should improve and after practicing for a while it should be at it’s greatest. Oh, and one more thing, don’t forget to follow your shot!

Called 2 B Saints Podcast Episode 04

Called 2 B Saints Podcast Episode 04

Show notes:

  • The Road to the Presidency 2008 – our new series on the presidential candidates – This week: Hillary Clinton
  • Words of God – Connecting with God
  • Chip and Dale guest star and give us tips on how to live our lives
  • Music & TV Entertainment

How To Write in MLA Format

For all you students like us, high school is just around the corner. One of the things we will be expected to know is how to write in MLA format. Our teacher, Mr. Senger, has already taught us how to do this but this article isn’t for people who already know how to do this, I’m helping those who don’t.

(See this MLA illustration for reference)

1.) First, take a program like Microsoft Word, and change the Font to Courier New.

2.) The next thing you need to do is make the page margins 1 inch on all four sides and have it double spaced.

3.) Next, go to View and insert a Header. Align your header to the right and type your last name in. You’re going to need a recurring page number, for those of you with Microsoft Word, all you need to do is press the little number button (#) and on every page it will have a different page number next to your last name.

4.) Your heading needs to be aligned to the left. It should go in this order: first and last name, your teachers name, (example: Mr. Senger) subject, and date in European order, which should look like this: 12 November 2007 with no commas.

5.) Beneath your heading, aligned to the middle, should be your title. It’s not underlined.

The next line should be the start of your paper. Don’t forget to indent!

Tiger Woods

Tiger Woods has done it again! Tiger Woods, the number one golfer in the world, has had one of his best seasons ever. Tiger has won the first annual FedEx Cup this year, and he won Player of the Year for a record nine times. He also won his 4th PGA Championship this year, and his thirteenth overall Major, which is 13 more than most golfers win in a lifetime. Woods also tied second for the U.S. Open Championship and Masters tournament, and tied for twelth in the British Open Championship. Tiger has also won the Buick Invitational, WGC CA Championship, Wachovia Championship, WGC Bridgestone Invitational, BMW Championship, and The Tour Championship presented by Coca-Cola, in the 2007 season. Jack Nicklaus is currently the only golfer with more Major wins than Woods, but at the rate Tiger is going that will soon change. Woods is now 31 years old and is just entering his prime as a golfer, so he has many years ahead of him to catch Jack Nicklaus.

Originally named Eldrick (Tiger) Woods, he was born on December 30, 1975. Woods is 31 years old, at 6’1″ and weighs 185 lbs. He grew up in Calafornia with his parents Earl and Kultida Woods. Tiger went to Western HS and then attended Stanford University. Tiger now lives in Orlando Florida with his wife Elin. They have one child, Sam Alexis, that was born on June 18, 2007.

In other sports news the Boston Red Sox swept the Colorado Rockies in 4 uninteresting games for the world series. Rumors are spreading of former Yankees manager Joe Torre going to the Dodgers. Yankees have hired Joe Girardi as their new manager after Torre. The Yankees have also lost A-rod, after opting out of his contract in search of a new team that will pay him $30 million. A-rod is the highest paid player in MLB, and someone else will surely meet the $30 million. In the NBA, more and more trade rumors are coming asking when, and if, Kobe Bryant will be traded. Many people are also wondering how the Boston Celtics will do this season, with stars Kevin Garnett, Ray Allen, and Paul Pierce on their team. I have to admit I’m a little jealous of Boston who is having about the best season anyone could ever ask for in sports. They have the world series winning Boston Red Sox, the New England Patriots could be the best NFL team ever, Boston College is undefeated, and now they have the Celtics with 3 all stars on their team. They have to be having a great time in Boston.



Happy Halloween!

Should I Tell?

Last week, we talked about what you can do if one or both of your parents falls ill.

What should I do when my friend tells me a secret, and they might get hurt if I don’t tell someone? But if I do tell, I might lose them as a friend…This week we’ll be covering what to do when you are told a secret that could be potentially dangerous to the friend that the secret is about. It will be hard to deal with this if you fall into this situation, but just keep your friend’s safety in mind.

Chip Says:

If someone tells you a secret it can often put you in a difficult situation. If you think that what the person has told you is about something that could possibly hurt someone then what do you do, and how do you know if you will loose a friend?

You will usually be able to easily tell if the person will be hurt by what is going on in their life. If it isn’t obvious to you, try and put yourself in their situation then see if it is the type of situation you would want help in. If you think your friend could be in trouble, first go to them directly and see if they will get help themselves or fix their problem. Tell them that if they don’t you will find someone to help them. Your friend might be mad at you if you get an adult to help them but, in the end, they will understand that you were only trying to help them. For example, if your friend tells you their dad or mom hit them because they got mad and they ask you not to tell anyone, what they want you to say is that they got their bruise when they tripped and fell. You certainly have to get your friend help. But, first go to them and ask if they will do something to solve the situation or get help themselves. If they won’t you need to go to a teacher, parent, or trusted adult and tell them the situation so that they can get your friend help.

Although it is important to tell you friend’s secrets sometimes in order to get them help, not all secrets have to be told. If your friend confides in you about something that you know won’t hurt them you obviously shouldn’t tell anyone about that. Remember, getting a friend help is not the same thing as gossiping about them. If you tell your friends secret for no reason it will be much harder for them to forgive and the might never do so because you didn’t do it to help them.


This is a guaranteed difficult decision to make. When a friend tells you a secret like this, you can do one of two things:

You can either one, keep it a secret and risk your friend’s safety, or two, tell and possibly risk losing that friend. If you tell, in a timely fashion, your friend can be saved from a hazardous situation, but that friend won’t exactly be your biggest fan for a while. That might seem like a harsh thing, but it’s in the best interest for your friend. Whereas if you were primarily concerned with your friend staying your friend, and you don’t tell, then you would be putting your friend into an even more dangerous situation because the danger will be prolonged. I’m sure none of you out there want your friend want to be put into any danger at all, but not telling anyone when your friend is in danger, could make the situation out to be this way.

To sum it all up, I’m saying that when you’re told a secret that could put someone else in danger you should tell because otherwise that person could be seriously hurt. Often times the person who tells is too afraid to tell anyone else and is confiding in you, so you can’t usually depend on them to tell the secret and get themselves out of danger. Your friend will be a little hostile for a while, but after they’re out of trouble, they will thank you.

With Love,

Dale <3<3<3

2 Month Old Girl Burned in Microwave

According to Fox News, a 2 month old girl was burned in a microwave in Galveston, Texas. The dad of the girl said he was under a lot of stress and decided to put her in the microwave. The 2 month old girl was only in the microwave for about 20 seconds. When the father made the call to 911 he said that he had tripped with a pot of hot water and burned the little girl. The girl’s mother, Eva Marie Mauldin, said that the 19 year old father had some mental disability. She also said that he would never do something like that and that Satan persuaded him to put their daughter into the microwave. The girl’s father, Joshua Mauldin, is being charged with a felony injury to a child. If he was guilty then he could go to prison for 99 years.

I personally think that this guy should definitely go to jail until his death or possibly the death penalty, and that it is no accident to put a baby in the microwave!!! And even if this father had a mental disability then he should be watched when he is with his child so this doesn’t happen again, and he should also get lots of mental help. I also think that the mother is trying to cover up the crime by saying that Satan was possessing him.

Best Movies for Teens

On last week’s blog I talked about the best books for teens around the world. On this week’s blog I will actually be talking something a little different, movies. Most of you have probably already seen these movies.

Freaky Friday which is about a three year old movie that all teenage girls should watch with their mothers. Freaky Friday is about a girl named Anna who magically trades places with her mother. Anna and her mother must live in each others places until they figure out how to trade back places. By watching this movie you will realize even though your mom can drive you insane she is just trying really hard to be a good mother to you. We all must remember that are mother loves us so much no matter how many mistakes we make.

The movie Shrek is about a ogre named Shrek who is getting kicked out of his swamp by fairy tale characters. To get his swamp back he has to go rescue a princess with a talking donkey. After rescuing Princess Fiona Shrek soon realizes he has fallen in love with her. The only problem is that Princess Fiona is engaged to Lord Farquad. Later in movie you will find out that Princess Fiona is an ogre. The moral of the story is for Princess Fiona to decide whether or not to stay a ogre or break the spell and marry Lord Farquad.

As you can see movies make a big impact on our lives. They can affect the choices we make. So choose movies wisely. In our next week’s blog I will be talking about more book reviews.