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All Saints Day

Dale and Freddy Sr. here to welcome all of you new comers to the site and to tell you a little about All Saints Day. Today we had a Mass commemorating all the saints of the past, present, and future. People have this image of a saint as someone who never makes mistakes and has devoted their entire life to God since the day they were born, but that’s not necessarily true. Everyone can put forth an effort to be a saint in their own way.

All Saints Day is a celebration that everyone and anyone can take part in. You don’t have to be a priest or bishop to celebrate this holiday of the church.

Today does not have to be a sad day, but some people make it seem that way. This is truly a time to be happy, rejoice, and thank all of those saints who have cleared a path in the Catholic way for all of us.

All of us would love to hear a comment from you about your favorite saint.


Dale and Freddy Sr. <3 <3

  1. me Said,

    my fave saint is Saint Anne she is Mary’s mom
    that is pretty koolio

  2. I Said,

    i like st augustine too
    our church of him is pretty sweet

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