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This week I will share with you some of my favorite books. These days books have such a big influence on me. Books can make us change our points of view on things and can also affect the choices we make in our daily lives. Having said this we should pick books that will help us make better choices in our lives and help us live as saints.

The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants by, Ann Brashares is by far one of the best series for teenage girls. The book is about four best friends that find a pair of jeans that fit them all. The girls who are all going away for the summer use these pants as a way of communicating through the summer months. This book teaches us how important friends are in our life , and how we all need to value are friendships because if we don’t value your friendships you will lose alot of friends through your lifetime.

Another favorite book is Lovely Bones by Alice Sebold. Its about a girl named Susie Salmon a fourteen-year-old girl who is murdered. She watches from heaven how her family reacts to her death. Susie’s sister found out about her mother’s affair. Her father suspects that Mr. Havery, but the police do not have evidence on him. I loved this book because it is intense and always makes want to read more. When you think everything settle downs something happens to the family.

Hatchet by Gary Paulsen is an adventure book. Its about a boy named Brian who flies to go see his dad. The pilot then soon has a heart attack and dies. Brian then has to take over the plane. He luckily makes a safe landing in the water. Then he has to survive in the wilderness by him self. If you want to read about survive then highly recommend this book to everyone. Everyone needs to read one of these books once in your lives.

Perfect by Natasha Friend is a book that all teenage girls should read. This book talks about a girl named Jessica who is bulimic and must go to group therapy to help with her body image problems. Jessica becomes bulimic as a way of dealing with the death of her father. Jessica soon realizes there are other ways of dealing with stress and grief of her dead father. This book is especially important for teenage girls to read because it tells you thats its not what body type you have its whats in the inside that counts.

As you can see the books we all read can affect us and help us make the right choices in our life. All these books listed above are books that we can all read and learn from. We all need to remember God created us all with love and all with different talents. On next Wednesday’s blog I will be discussing the most popular movies for young teens today.

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