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How To Make Your Own Snowcone

Ok, picture this, it’s a hot day out, you’ve been running around outside and when you come inside guess what’s waiting for you, your own snowcone!

You’re going to need: A box of freezer pops, knife/scissors, and a Snoopy Snowcone machine.


1.) First, take three of your favorite flavors of freezer pops and cut them in half.


2.) Next put all of the parts that you cut into the top of the snowcone machine and grind them up and put them into a cup. Be sure to take the little shovel and shovel out all of the stuff you didn’t get.



3.) Last (first you may want to take a spoon and stir it up a little bit) you can smash some ice cubes and put them in if you want, I don’t usually do this but I’d imagine it would be an improvement in the taste of the snowcone. Wasn’t that easy? Enjoy your freshly-made snowcone.


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