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Best Movies for Teens

On last week’s blog I talked about the best books for teens around the world. On this week’s blog I will actually be talking something a little different, movies. Most of you have probably already seen these movies.

Freaky Friday which is about a three year old movie that all teenage girls should watch with their mothers. Freaky Friday is about a girl named Anna who magically trades places with her mother. Anna and her mother must live in each others places until they figure out how to trade back places. By watching this movie you will realize even though your mom can drive you insane she is just trying really hard to be a good mother to you. We all must remember that are mother loves us so much no matter how many mistakes we make.

The movie Shrek is about a ogre named Shrek who is getting kicked out of his swamp by fairy tale characters. To get his swamp back he has to go rescue a princess with a talking donkey. After rescuing Princess Fiona Shrek soon realizes he has fallen in love with her. The only problem is that Princess Fiona is engaged to Lord Farquad. Later in movie you will find out that Princess Fiona is an ogre. The moral of the story is for Princess Fiona to decide whether or not to stay a ogre or break the spell and marry Lord Farquad.

As you can see movies make a big impact on our lives. They can affect the choices we make. So choose movies wisely. In our next week’s blog I will be talking about more book reviews.

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