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2 Month Old Girl Burned in Microwave

According to Fox News, a 2 month old girl was burned in a microwave in Galveston, Texas. The dad of the girl said he was under a lot of stress and decided to put her in the microwave. The 2 month old girl was only in the microwave for about 20 seconds. When the father made the call to 911 he said that he had tripped with a pot of hot water and burned the little girl. The girl’s mother, Eva Marie Mauldin, said that the 19 year old father had some mental disability. She also said that he would never do something like that and that Satan persuaded him to put their daughter into the microwave. The girl’s father, Joshua Mauldin, is being charged with a felony injury to a child. If he was guilty then he could go to prison for 99 years.

I personally think that this guy should definitely go to jail until his death or possibly the death penalty, and that it is no accident to put a baby in the microwave!!! And even if this father had a mental disability then he should be watched when he is with his child so this doesn’t happen again, and he should also get lots of mental help. I also think that the mother is trying to cover up the crime by saying that Satan was possessing him.

  1. andrea Said,

    that was dumb

  2. emily Said,

    ummm…..i really dont need to here this..i mean who wanst to know that a 2 year old was put in a microwave..i mean thats awefull…write more joyful things and remarkable things not bad stuff that shows what kind of ppl live here but i like some of ur other work kid just think more about good news!

  3. andrea Said,

    ummmmm…ok weird lol

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