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Should I Tell?

Last week, we talked about what you can do if one or both of your parents falls ill.

What should I do when my friend tells me a secret, and they might get hurt if I don’t tell someone? But if I do tell, I might lose them as a friend…This week we’ll be covering what to do when you are told a secret that could be potentially dangerous to the friend that the secret is about. It will be hard to deal with this if you fall into this situation, but just keep your friend’s safety in mind.

Chip Says:

If someone tells you a secret it can often put you in a difficult situation. If you think that what the person has told you is about something that could possibly hurt someone then what do you do, and how do you know if you will loose a friend?

You will usually be able to easily tell if the person will be hurt by what is going on in their life. If it isn’t obvious to you, try and put yourself in their situation then see if it is the type of situation you would want help in. If you think your friend could be in trouble, first go to them directly and see if they will get help themselves or fix their problem. Tell them that if they don’t you will find someone to help them. Your friend might be mad at you if you get an adult to help them but, in the end, they will understand that you were only trying to help them. For example, if your friend tells you their dad or mom hit them because they got mad and they ask you not to tell anyone, what they want you to say is that they got their bruise when they tripped and fell. You certainly have to get your friend help. But, first go to them and ask if they will do something to solve the situation or get help themselves. If they won’t you need to go to a teacher, parent, or trusted adult and tell them the situation so that they can get your friend help.

Although it is important to tell you friend’s secrets sometimes in order to get them help, not all secrets have to be told. If your friend confides in you about something that you know won’t hurt them you obviously shouldn’t tell anyone about that. Remember, getting a friend help is not the same thing as gossiping about them. If you tell your friends secret for no reason it will be much harder for them to forgive and the might never do so because you didn’t do it to help them.


This is a guaranteed difficult decision to make. When a friend tells you a secret like this, you can do one of two things:

You can either one, keep it a secret and risk your friend’s safety, or two, tell and possibly risk losing that friend. If you tell, in a timely fashion, your friend can be saved from a hazardous situation, but that friend won’t exactly be your biggest fan for a while. That might seem like a harsh thing, but it’s in the best interest for your friend. Whereas if you were primarily concerned with your friend staying your friend, and you don’t tell, then you would be putting your friend into an even more dangerous situation because the danger will be prolonged. I’m sure none of you out there want your friend want to be put into any danger at all, but not telling anyone when your friend is in danger, could make the situation out to be this way.

To sum it all up, I’m saying that when you’re told a secret that could put someone else in danger you should tell because otherwise that person could be seriously hurt. Often times the person who tells is too afraid to tell anyone else and is confiding in you, so you can’t usually depend on them to tell the secret and get themselves out of danger. Your friend will be a little hostile for a while, but after they’re out of trouble, they will thank you.

With Love,

Dale <3<3<3

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