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Called 2 B Saints Podcast Episode 04

Called 2 B Saints Podcast Episode 04

Show notes:

  • The Road to the Presidency 2008 – our new series on the presidential candidates – This week: Hillary Clinton
  • Words of God – Connecting with God
  • Chip and Dale guest star and give us tips on how to live our lives
  • Music & TV Entertainment
  1. ken Said,

    this was a reALLLYYYY good one u guys nice job!
    i really liked the word of god!

  2. Ubadoba Said,

    you guys should have more guest peoples like the sixth graders *wink* *wink*

  3. Brian Said,

    Ken, thanks for all the encouraging words! I hope you keep coming to our site, and this week we’ll give out some great Christmas shopping tips.

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