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5 Steps To A Better Basketball Shot

Here is something I’d always wanted to know until a couple of years ago at a Gonzaga Prep basketball camp.

First of all there are, as the title says, 5 steps to having a better basketball shot. These aren’t really steps as much as positions, but here it goes.

1.) The first step is to square your feet up to the basket. For those of you who don’t know what that is, it is pretty much pointing your feet at the basket. Your dominant side foot (if your right handed it’s your right foot and vice versa) should be a little bit in front of your other foot.

2.) The second step is to bend your knees. Not all of your power comes from your arms, most of it is your legs.

3.) The third step is to bend your dominant arm in a side-ways “U” shape (kind of like bending your arm backward to touch your forehead) and tuck your elbow in.

4.) The second-to-last step is to have your non-dominant hand on the inside side of the basketball. If you are right handed it’s on the left side of the ball.

5.) The last step is a follow through. As you shoot, your knees should unbend at the same time your arm does. When your arm unbends, unbend it toward the basket, sort of like pointing at it. When you let go of the ball, your wrist should be pointing down like you were reaching into a cookie jar as a follow through.

Now, if you work on this technique, your basketball shot should improve and after practicing for a while it should be at it’s greatest. Oh, and one more thing, don’t forget to follow your shot!

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