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Super Bowl 41.5

Last week the Indianapolis Colts and the New England Patriots played what most people called the biggest regular season game ever. Both of these teams were undefeated going into what was being called “Super Bowl 41.5.” The Patriots were surprisingly favored by most people to win the game, even though the Colts are undefeated, playing at, and even the defending champs. I’m sure this had to anger the Colts, not being the favorite to win. It’s almost unthinkable for an undefeated super bowl champion, at home, to not be favored.

The Colts were leading most of the game until Brady threw 2 touchdown passes in the fourth quarter to take the lead. The final score was 24-20. Peyton manning is thought by many people to be the best quarterback of all time, with a season high record of 49 touchdown passes. Tom Brady however is now on track to shatter Manning’s record. Brady has 30 touchdown passes, and still have of the season to set a new record.

Both teams had something fueling them to win and prove themselves. The Patriots were caught videotaping the play calls of coaches on the opposing sidelines, and accused of using the videos to figure out the other teams plays. Many people criticized the Patriots saying this helped them win games this season, and possibly games from other seasons. Since then the Patriots have wanted to prove that the videotaping has nothing to do with their ability, and so far have done a good job. The Indianapolis Colts, as I’ve already said, were angered that the Patriots get all the attention. What more can they do to prove themselves? They have been undefeated for their last 14 games and won a super bowl in that time, and still people chose the Patriots to win. It seems that the Patriots wanted the win more however, and that’s why they won, but not by much.

The Indianapolis Colts were surprisingly upset by the San Diego Chargers this weekend, for their second loss. Peyton Manning threw for a franchise record of 6 interceptions. The Colts put up a fight in the fourth quarter however and scored 2 touchdowns, making the score 23-21 Chargers. Adam Vinatieri, thought by many to be the best kicker ever, could of won the game with a 29 yard field goal. Surprisingly, it was one of the few field goals he missed in his career. The Patriots had a bye week.



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