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Last time we wrote an article, we discussed what to do in a situation where your friend has told you a secret that could be dangerous to them. This week, we’re going to deal with the dreaded green-eyed monster; jealousy.

Chip Says:
Some times when there is something that we want we do get jealous and later we will feel bad for being jealous. Everyone has felt jealous at least once in their lives but is it OK to be jealous?
Technically jealousy is often considered to be a sin because it is similar to envy, one of the seven deadly sins, but how can you avoid it and what do you do if you can’t? Well, you should always try to avoid jealousy by fulfilling the things that will make you happy. If you do that then you will be happy and probably won’t have anything to be jealous about. Fulfilling the things that you want doesn’t necessarily mean getting material things or doing things just for yourself. Often times if you help others or do things for others you will end up feeling better about yourself and usually when that happens you won’t be jealous of others because you will be fulfilled and have the things that you want.
If you fulfill your dreams and desires and you still get jealous over what can you do? You need to repent. Go to confession and talk to your priest and then repent your sin. After you have done that just go out and remember to make yourself happy by doing what you need, want, and by helping others. If you do that you want need to be jealous others again.

Dale Says: Jealousy is a big issue among us, especially at our age. Jealousy occurs in friendships, relationships, and even among your peers whether you know them or not. It can destroy even the best and strongest of friendships and relationships. I know that everyone is affected by jealousy and sometimes a jealous person can become really ugly, as far as their personality goes. I have had to deal with jealousy too.

In my opinion, jealousy can rule your every action if you don’t know how to handle it right. If you let things get out of hand, you might end of losing a good friendship or destroying a loving relationship. Jealousy can turn into anger and when you act in anger, you do rash things that you will most likely regret later. Even though jealousy is an intense emotion, you have to struggle to keep it under control.

You can’t control whether or not you get jealous, but you can control how you react to it. Don’t let your actions get out of hand and you can prevent a lot of unnecessary hurt to your friends, family and others you have relationships with.

With Love,
Dale <3<3<3

  1. Brian Said,

    Christmas Tips on the Called2bSaints Podcast this week!

  2. piggy Said,

    hey guys was up? this was really good advise and i know ill use it later on in my life. i didnt think that there was another option for jealousy. thanks alot of the great advise!!

  3. dale Said,

    thank for the comments you guys. chip and i are always happy to hear from you. give us any feedback or idea you have. Frankly we’re running out of ideas haha. See Ya later

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