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The Boston Celtics have started the season 14-2, and are leading the Atlantic Conference. Many people predicted this, after the Celtics got stars Kevin Garnet, Ray Allen, and Paul Pierce. The East used to not be considered a threat, compared to the West, but now people are beginning to compare the two.

Here are the conference leaders:

Atlantic-Boston 14-2

Central-Detroit 11-5

Southeast-Orlando 15-4

Northwest-Utah 12-5

Pacific-Phoenix 13-4

Southwest-San Antonio 15-3

I’ve said it before, I’m jealous of Boston. They’ve got the best spots teams imaginable. This year they’ve have the surprising Boston College, World Series winning Red-Sox, the amazing Patriots, and now the Boston Celtics.

Jason Kid and LeBron James are both fighting to get what is known as a triple-double. A triple-double is when a player accumulates double-digit totals in three of these categories: points, rebounds, assists, steals, and blocked-shots. The easiest way to accumulate these points is by points, rebound, and assists. Steals and blocked-shots in triple-doubles do not usually happen unless you are a great defensive player. LeBron missed his third game on Wednesday against the Nets, due to a sprained index finger. Lebron

In other NBA news, Allen Iverson is being compared with Michael Vick, having much of the same type of background. Iverson is supposedly setting a good example for Vick, by getting out of trouble and his life back together.

Of course, there’s still Kobe, who says he wants out of L.A. I believe the Lakers have to trade Kobe, because he isn’t giving his all for a team he doesn’t want to be with. Randy Moss is a good example of this, like how he would jog down the field, even though he has amazing speed. Moss kept this up till he was traded to the Patriots, and now has become part of the deadliest combo in the NFL, with Tom Brady. I believe Kobe won’t play to his full capabilities until he’s traded, so if I were the Lakers, I would invest in a player that wants to be in the franchise.

Heres my opinion on some of the top rookies this year.

Kevin Durant (second pick): Durant is playing some good defense with the Sonics, when he wants to. He has his moments on offense as well, and is a big help to the team. The Sonics are a very young team with a lot of potential, but Durant needs to be able to take a leadership roll in the future, when he becomes accustom to the NBA.

Al Horford (third pick): Al Horford is doing very well for his rookie season. Horford is quick up and down the court, and is an amazing rebounder. Horford was a solid pick for the Hawks, and does his job every game.

Joakim Noah (tenth pick): Noah is a great player that lead the Gators to two national championships in row, which has to stand for something. Noah is proving himself, with 14 rebounds in 32 minutes, over two games last week. You really have to watch him to get an idea of how good he really is.



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