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Is Drama Worse in Smaller Schools?

Last week we dealt with situations like “friends” who use you to get what they want. But this week we will be covering that is a lot more than an opinion than anything else.

Chip Says:
In many schools, especially high schools and middle schools, there is almost always some kind of drama or conflict. But is conflict worse in bigger schools or smaller schools? Well drama is bad anywhere but it is also different in smaller schools verses bigger schools.
In smaller schools there are less people which leads many people to think that there is less conflict but the conflict all depends on who the people are not how many there are. Another thing about smaller schools is that you know more people there so you become more involved in the drama going on. Plus, rumors spread faster in smaller schools.
Small schools aren’t the only schools that have drama, larger schools do too. The difference in larger schools, however, is that there are more people and so rumors are spread to more people and can be blown more out of control. However one upside to having more people at the school is that you might not know everyone. Therefore, you can stay away from the drama and conflict more easily. Plus, if someone tries to get you involved you can avoid them more easily.
The fact of it is, all drama is bad but yet it keeps coming up in schools everywhere. If you really want to avoid drama it isn’t really about what school you go to. It is more about who you hang out with, and how you yourself act.

Chip 🙂

Dale Says:

Drama is a huge part of school, especially at that time around 8th grade and up into high school. If you’re not careful when you’re trying to solve drama, you might start more, or make the current problem even worse.

I’ve heard a lot of stories about how drama is worse in bigger schools because there are more people to hear the rumors and to point the finger when big problems arise. But in my opinion I think drama is much better at bigger schools for one reason: when there are more people, such as there are in bigger schools, chances are that they won’t know who you are and they probably won’t care if you get involved in a big mess of drama.

On the other hand, in small schools, (especially the ones where people have had the same classmates since about Kindergarten) things can get a lot more complicated. In these types of schools, even if you try to avoid the drama, you get pulled in anyway simply because you do know everyone. It’s something that just happens.

There’s not a whole lot you cab do about the drama in school, but the drama issue is more than an opinion than a fact. Debate it if you’d like, but there’s no real right answer to me.

With Love,


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