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Best Movies for Teens

On last week’s blog I talked about the best books for teens around the world. On this week’s blog I will actually be talking something a little different, movies. Most of you have probably already seen these movies.

Freaky Friday which is about a three year old movie that all teenage girls should watch with their mothers. Freaky Friday is about a girl named Anna who magically trades places with her mother. Anna and her mother must live in each others places until they figure out how to trade back places. By watching this movie you will realize even though your mom can drive you insane she is just trying really hard to be a good mother to you. We all must remember that are mother loves us so much no matter how many mistakes we make.

The movie Shrek is about a ogre named Shrek who is getting kicked out of his swamp by fairy tale characters. To get his swamp back he has to go rescue a princess with a talking donkey. After rescuing Princess Fiona Shrek soon realizes he has fallen in love with her. The only problem is that Princess Fiona is engaged to Lord Farquad. Later in movie you will find out that Princess Fiona is an ogre. The moral of the story is for Princess Fiona to decide whether or not to stay a ogre or break the spell and marry Lord Farquad.

As you can see movies make a big impact on our lives. They can affect the choices we make. So choose movies wisely. In our next week’s blog I will be talking about more book reviews.

Teen Book Reviews

This week I will share with you some of my favorite books. These days books have such a big influence on me. Books can make us change our points of view on things and can also affect the choices we make in our daily lives. Having said this we should pick books that will help us make better choices in our lives and help us live as saints.

The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants by, Ann Brashares is by far one of the best series for teenage girls. The book is about four best friends that find a pair of jeans that fit them all. The girls who are all going away for the summer use these pants as a way of communicating through the summer months. This book teaches us how important friends are in our life , and how we all need to value are friendships because if we don’t value your friendships you will lose alot of friends through your lifetime.

Another favorite book is Lovely Bones by Alice Sebold. Its about a girl named Susie Salmon a fourteen-year-old girl who is murdered. She watches from heaven how her family reacts to her death. Susie’s sister found out about her mother’s affair. Her father suspects that Mr. Havery, but the police do not have evidence on him. I loved this book because it is intense and always makes want to read more. When you think everything settle downs something happens to the family.

Hatchet by Gary Paulsen is an adventure book. Its about a boy named Brian who flies to go see his dad. The pilot then soon has a heart attack and dies. Brian then has to take over the plane. He luckily makes a safe landing in the water. Then he has to survive in the wilderness by him self. If you want to read about survive then highly recommend this book to everyone. Everyone needs to read one of these books once in your lives.

Perfect by Natasha Friend is a book that all teenage girls should read. This book talks about a girl named Jessica who is bulimic and must go to group therapy to help with her body image problems. Jessica becomes bulimic as a way of dealing with the death of her father. Jessica soon realizes there are other ways of dealing with stress and grief of her dead father. This book is especially important for teenage girls to read because it tells you thats its not what body type you have its whats in the inside that counts.

As you can see the books we all read can affect us and help us make the right choices in our life. All these books listed above are books that we can all read and learn from. We all need to remember God created us all with love and all with different talents. On next Wednesday’s blog I will be discussing the most popular movies for young teens today.

Top two countdown T.V. shows for teens

Today I will be talking about my favorite T.V. shows. These days T.V. has a great influence on young lives and often effects the kind of choices we make in our every day lives, therefore, it is important to watch shows that will have a good influence on our lives while still keeping us entertained.

Here are some great shows that I think will do just that:

My top favorite show right now is Projects Runway. Project Runway is about just normal ordinary people trying to fulfill there dream and become a fashion designer. The show will last a couple of months. During these few months the young designers will go through a serious of challenges to try to win the grand prize which is a car and a chance to show there clothes in fashion week. Please tune in on November 14 for the season premier on Bravo T.V.

Ugly Betty is the biggest hit series on t.v. this year. Ugly Betty which premiered last fall and was a instant hit. Ugly Betty is about a nerdy girl who works in the fashion industry and isn’t treated with respect because of what she looks like. This show main message is to be true to yourself and not to judge people be what they look like before you actually get to know them for yourself.

From the shows listed above you can use those shows to help make better choices in your life and to learn about your true self. On next weeks blog I will be talking about the greatest books for teens and how those books can help us make better choices in our daily lives and help us become better versions are selfs.

Today’s hottest books and songs!

Hi I am Freddy Sr. I write the entertainment news on Wednesday every week. The entertainment news contains book reviews, music, t.v. shows, and the latest celebrity news. This week I’ll be writing about the book Twilight by Stephanie Meyer. I will also be writing about my top five songs.

My favorite book is Twilight it is by far the best book I have ever read, it is by Stephanie Meyer. It is about vampires and consist of a romance story. It is about a girl named Bella who meets a vampire named Edward. The story takes place in Forks, Washington. This book is fiction. I would highly recommend this book.

My top five songs of today’s popular music.
1. Crank That by Soulja Boy.
2. A Bay Bay by Hurricane Chris
3.Big Girls Don`t Cry by Fergie
4.Hit the Dance Floor by UNK
5. Teenagers by My Chemical Romance

On the next weeks blog I will discuss today’s most popular T.V. shows. I will talk about why I think they are such a big hit on T.V. and what we can learn from the shows. See you next Wednesday!!!