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How To Create a Hyperlink

Here is something that became extremely useful in writing my blogs. It’s called a hyperlink. A hyperlink makes it so that if you click on a word, it will take you to a different page. For example, if you click here, you will go to SQPN’s home page. Now, here’s how to do it.

1.) First, you need to have a page that you want to send them to in mind. For example, me sending you to SQPN.

2.)Next, you should open up the page in a different window and copy the web address.

3.) Then, if you are using Microsoft Word, highlight the word you want them to click on to send them to your page.

4.) After highlighting the word, click the sign on the tool bar that looks like a sideways 8, and a window will pop up.

5.) Erase the “http://” and then paste the web address onto the line that says Link URL and press insert.

Now whenever you or your reader click on that word it will take them to your site. As I said, this becomes very useful later on when you are doing a presentation or something like that, and it becomes a pain to tell them where to go at home, or typing in the web address. This makes it a ton easier, believe me.

5 Steps To A Better Basketball Shot

Here is something I’d always wanted to know until a couple of years ago at a Gonzaga Prep basketball camp.

First of all there are, as the title says, 5 steps to having a better basketball shot. These aren’t really steps as much as positions, but here it goes.

1.) The first step is to square your feet up to the basket. For those of you who don’t know what that is, it is pretty much pointing your feet at the basket. Your dominant side foot (if your right handed it’s your right foot and vice versa) should be a little bit in front of your other foot.

2.) The second step is to bend your knees. Not all of your power comes from your arms, most of it is your legs.

3.) The third step is to bend your dominant arm in a side-ways “U” shape (kind of like bending your arm backward to touch your forehead) and tuck your elbow in.

4.) The second-to-last step is to have your non-dominant hand on the inside side of the basketball. If you are right handed it’s on the left side of the ball.

5.) The last step is a follow through. As you shoot, your knees should unbend at the same time your arm does. When your arm unbends, unbend it toward the basket, sort of like pointing at it. When you let go of the ball, your wrist should be pointing down like you were reaching into a cookie jar as a follow through.

Now, if you work on this technique, your basketball shot should improve and after practicing for a while it should be at it’s greatest. Oh, and one more thing, don’t forget to follow your shot!

How To Write in MLA Format

For all you students like us, high school is just around the corner. One of the things we will be expected to know is how to write in MLA format. Our teacher, Mr. Senger, has already taught us how to do this but this article isn’t for people who already know how to do this, I’m helping those who don’t.

(See this MLA illustration for reference)

1.) First, take a program like Microsoft Word, and change the Font to Courier New.

2.) The next thing you need to do is make the page margins 1 inch on all four sides and have it double spaced.

3.) Next, go to View and insert a Header. Align your header to the right and type your last name in. You’re going to need a recurring page number, for those of you with Microsoft Word, all you need to do is press the little number button (#) and on every page it will have a different page number next to your last name.

4.) Your heading needs to be aligned to the left. It should go in this order: first and last name, your teachers name, (example: Mr. Senger) subject, and date in European order, which should look like this: 12 November 2007 with no commas.

5.) Beneath your heading, aligned to the middle, should be your title. It’s not underlined.

The next line should be the start of your paper. Don’t forget to indent!

How To Make Your Own Snowcone

Ok, picture this, it’s a hot day out, you’ve been running around outside and when you come inside guess what’s waiting for you, your own snowcone!

You’re going to need: A box of freezer pops, knife/scissors, and a Snoopy Snowcone machine.


1.) First, take three of your favorite flavors of freezer pops and cut them in half.


2.) Next put all of the parts that you cut into the top of the snowcone machine and grind them up and put them into a cup. Be sure to take the little shovel and shovel out all of the stuff you didn’t get.



3.) Last (first you may want to take a spoon and stir it up a little bit) you can smash some ice cubes and put them in if you want, I don’t usually do this but I’d imagine it would be an improvement in the taste of the snowcone. Wasn’t that easy? Enjoy your freshly-made snowcone.


If you have any suggestions about things that you would like to know how to do, and would like me to write about them, email us at and I will try to get to them sometime. Thank you for your suggestions.

How To Make An Apple Bomb

In the mood for something healthy? Me neither, that’s why I’m going to introduce you to a tasty treat I picked up while out camping.

Ingredients: Any kind of apple, brown cinnamon and/or sugar, aluminum foil, knife, and spoon.

1.) First you take the apple and knife and cut out the top of the apple like you would carving a pumpkin. Cut off any excess apple and eat it.

2.) Next you take the spoon and hollow out the apple, but leave some insides in it. Once again, devour everything you carved out.

3.) Then put the brown cinnamon and/or sugar to the top and pack it down and add some more.

4.) Now, I only know one way to cook these and that is wrapping it in aluminum foil and putting it on the outside edge of a fire bowl and turning it every 3-5 minutes. It should be good after about 20 minutes. You know when it is done when you can take a fork to it, apply a little pressure and the fork will slide right through. When you think it’s done take it out and enjoy your apple bomb.