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Baseball Steroids Report

Former Senate Majority Leader George Mitchell released a 409 page report on Thursday December 13, 2007 that contained 86 different names linking people and players to the ever-growing baseball steroids scandal. This report is said to be the biggest scandal in baseball since the Black Sox scandal in 1919. The report contained some big names; Miguel Tejada, Andy Pettitte, Eric Gagne, Jason Giambi, Gary Sheffield, Troy Glaus, Gary Matthews Jr., Paul Byrd, Jose Guillen, Brian Roberts, Rick Ankiel, Paul Lo Duca and the biggest name Roger Clemens. Though Mitchell denies it, it seems as though Clemens was singled out, his name being mentioned 82 times, and made the symbol of the report. The report also contained Barry Bonds, who everyone knows by now has been accused of taking illegal performance enhancing drugs. Roger Clemens denied the charges and expressed his anger at be even mentioned through his attorney Rusty Hardin. Commisioner Bud Selig stated that he will take action, if called for. Many of the accusations will not result in penalties however, because the instances where the players were said to take the drugs were before required testing began in 2003. From 2002 to 2005 punishment has increased severely for testing positive to using performance enhancing drugs. In 2002 it was a 1 year ban for a fifth offense. Now it is a liftime ban for only a third offense.

Roger Clemons has won 7 Cy Young Awards, is eighth on the list for all time wins (354 wins), is an MVP and All-Star, and was, was, almost guaranteed a spot in the MLB Hall of Fame. These charges will greatly reduce the chance that Clemens will get into the Hall of Fame, and if proven true almost surely lower them to zero. It will probably very closely resemble how Mark Mcguire was kept out of the hall of fame this year. Its sad that Clemens’ (who has played in the league for 23 years and is 45 years old) legacy is now probably ruined because of something like this, along with all the other players on the list. Clemens’ personal trainer Brian McNamee said in the report that he first gave Clemens performance enhancing drugs in 1998.

Something that just doesn’t seem quite right to me, and others, is that Mitchell is a director for the Boston Red Sox, and none of their prime players appeared in the report. A total of 22 Yankes were mentioned in Mitchell’s report, and everyone knows the famous rivalry between the Red Sox and the Yankees. Perhaps it can explain why they have won so many world series, and why the Red Sox Went so long without one.

In Mitchell’s speech, he stated that 5%-7% of MLB used steroids or other substances. He also targets players as role models for children and teens. 3%-6% of high school teenagers use some kind of performance enhancing drug, which really is a shocking statistic. It means that even at 3%, hundreds of thousands of American teens are taking performance enhancing drugs. Let’s hope that this will bring some attention to this issue.




The Boston Celtics have started the season 14-2, and are leading the Atlantic Conference. Many people predicted this, after the Celtics got stars Kevin Garnet, Ray Allen, and Paul Pierce. The East used to not be considered a threat, compared to the West, but now people are beginning to compare the two.

Here are the conference leaders:

Atlantic-Boston 14-2

Central-Detroit 11-5

Southeast-Orlando 15-4

Northwest-Utah 12-5

Pacific-Phoenix 13-4

Southwest-San Antonio 15-3

I’ve said it before, I’m jealous of Boston. They’ve got the best spots teams imaginable. This year they’ve have the surprising Boston College, World Series winning Red-Sox, the amazing Patriots, and now the Boston Celtics.

Jason Kid and LeBron James are both fighting to get what is known as a triple-double. A triple-double is when a player accumulates double-digit totals in three of these categories: points, rebounds, assists, steals, and blocked-shots. The easiest way to accumulate these points is by points, rebound, and assists. Steals and blocked-shots in triple-doubles do not usually happen unless you are a great defensive player. LeBron missed his third game on Wednesday against the Nets, due to a sprained index finger. Lebron

In other NBA news, Allen Iverson is being compared with Michael Vick, having much of the same type of background. Iverson is supposedly setting a good example for Vick, by getting out of trouble and his life back together.

Of course, there’s still Kobe, who says he wants out of L.A. I believe the Lakers have to trade Kobe, because he isn’t giving his all for a team he doesn’t want to be with. Randy Moss is a good example of this, like how he would jog down the field, even though he has amazing speed. Moss kept this up till he was traded to the Patriots, and now has become part of the deadliest combo in the NFL, with Tom Brady. I believe Kobe won’t play to his full capabilities until he’s traded, so if I were the Lakers, I would invest in a player that wants to be in the franchise.

Heres my opinion on some of the top rookies this year.

Kevin Durant (second pick): Durant is playing some good defense with the Sonics, when he wants to. He has his moments on offense as well, and is a big help to the team. The Sonics are a very young team with a lot of potential, but Durant needs to be able to take a leadership roll in the future, when he becomes accustom to the NBA.

Al Horford (third pick): Al Horford is doing very well for his rookie season. Horford is quick up and down the court, and is an amazing rebounder. Horford was a solid pick for the Hawks, and does his job every game.

Joakim Noah (tenth pick): Noah is a great player that lead the Gators to two national championships in row, which has to stand for something. Noah is proving himself, with 14 rebounds in 32 minutes, over two games last week. You really have to watch him to get an idea of how good he really is.



College Football

Previously number one ranked LSU lost this week, helping prove this to be the most upsetting seasons ever in college football. Here are the new Associated Press polls for the week:

1. Missouri

2. West Virginia

3. Ohio State

4. Georgia

5. LSU

6. Virginia Tech

7. Kansas

8. Southern California

9. Oklahoma

10. Florida

Many old rivals played this week in college football. I, as a WSU fan, am happy to say that they defeated the University of Washington Huskies in the Apple Cup. Kansas could have gone undefeated, and would probably be in first place in the polls, but were beat by Missouri. Missouri is now ranked number one, but if they follow the same path as the other number ones, they will soon be defeated. I do not agree or like the way the polls are made however, and should not play a big part in how you judge teams. I believe they are all just a big popularity contest, and do not accurately convey teams’ skills. The same goes for the Heisman Trophy, and even the BCS Championship for that matter. The championship in my opinion is a joke, and I can never fully enjoy college football until they have playoffs. Teams like Hawaii that go undefeated don’t have a chance to play in the championship, just because they’re in conferences like the WAC. Hawaii has just as good chance to win the championship as any other team, just like undefeated Boise State last year, but won’t get a chance because there are no playoffs. At least Hawaii will probably get a BCS bowl game. Hawaii plays the UW this weekend, and if they win, go officially undeafted for the season.

I and all my classmates would like to offer our prayers to Sean Taylor’s family. Taylor, star of the Redskins, died Tuesday November 27, 2007, at 24 years old. He was shot in the leg Monday by an intruder, and lost a significant amount of blood. He was airlifted to a hospital, but died from blood loss. Please take a moment of silence to remember him and offer your prayers.



Super Bowl 41.5

Last week the Indianapolis Colts and the New England Patriots played what most people called the biggest regular season game ever. Both of these teams were undefeated going into what was being called “Super Bowl 41.5.” The Patriots were surprisingly favored by most people to win the game, even though the Colts are undefeated, playing at, and even the defending champs. I’m sure this had to anger the Colts, not being the favorite to win. It’s almost unthinkable for an undefeated super bowl champion, at home, to not be favored.

The Colts were leading most of the game until Brady threw 2 touchdown passes in the fourth quarter to take the lead. The final score was 24-20. Peyton manning is thought by many people to be the best quarterback of all time, with a season high record of 49 touchdown passes. Tom Brady however is now on track to shatter Manning’s record. Brady has 30 touchdown passes, and still have of the season to set a new record.

Both teams had something fueling them to win and prove themselves. The Patriots were caught videotaping the play calls of coaches on the opposing sidelines, and accused of using the videos to figure out the other teams plays. Many people criticized the Patriots saying this helped them win games this season, and possibly games from other seasons. Since then the Patriots have wanted to prove that the videotaping has nothing to do with their ability, and so far have done a good job. The Indianapolis Colts, as I’ve already said, were angered that the Patriots get all the attention. What more can they do to prove themselves? They have been undefeated for their last 14 games and won a super bowl in that time, and still people chose the Patriots to win. It seems that the Patriots wanted the win more however, and that’s why they won, but not by much.

The Indianapolis Colts were surprisingly upset by the San Diego Chargers this weekend, for their second loss. Peyton Manning threw for a franchise record of 6 interceptions. The Colts put up a fight in the fourth quarter however and scored 2 touchdowns, making the score 23-21 Chargers. Adam Vinatieri, thought by many to be the best kicker ever, could of won the game with a 29 yard field goal. Surprisingly, it was one of the few field goals he missed in his career. The Patriots had a bye week.



5 Steps To A Better Basketball Shot

Here is something I’d always wanted to know until a couple of years ago at a Gonzaga Prep basketball camp.

First of all there are, as the title says, 5 steps to having a better basketball shot. These aren’t really steps as much as positions, but here it goes.

1.) The first step is to square your feet up to the basket. For those of you who don’t know what that is, it is pretty much pointing your feet at the basket. Your dominant side foot (if your right handed it’s your right foot and vice versa) should be a little bit in front of your other foot.

2.) The second step is to bend your knees. Not all of your power comes from your arms, most of it is your legs.

3.) The third step is to bend your dominant arm in a side-ways “U” shape (kind of like bending your arm backward to touch your forehead) and tuck your elbow in.

4.) The second-to-last step is to have your non-dominant hand on the inside side of the basketball. If you are right handed it’s on the left side of the ball.

5.) The last step is a follow through. As you shoot, your knees should unbend at the same time your arm does. When your arm unbends, unbend it toward the basket, sort of like pointing at it. When you let go of the ball, your wrist should be pointing down like you were reaching into a cookie jar as a follow through.

Now, if you work on this technique, your basketball shot should improve and after practicing for a while it should be at it’s greatest. Oh, and one more thing, don’t forget to follow your shot!

Tiger Woods

Tiger Woods has done it again! Tiger Woods, the number one golfer in the world, has had one of his best seasons ever. Tiger has won the first annual FedEx Cup this year, and he won Player of the Year for a record nine times. He also won his 4th PGA Championship this year, and his thirteenth overall Major, which is 13 more than most golfers win in a lifetime. Woods also tied second for the U.S. Open Championship and Masters tournament, and tied for twelth in the British Open Championship. Tiger has also won the Buick Invitational, WGC CA Championship, Wachovia Championship, WGC Bridgestone Invitational, BMW Championship, and The Tour Championship presented by Coca-Cola, in the 2007 season. Jack Nicklaus is currently the only golfer with more Major wins than Woods, but at the rate Tiger is going that will soon change. Woods is now 31 years old and is just entering his prime as a golfer, so he has many years ahead of him to catch Jack Nicklaus.

Originally named Eldrick (Tiger) Woods, he was born on December 30, 1975. Woods is 31 years old, at 6’1″ and weighs 185 lbs. He grew up in Calafornia with his parents Earl and Kultida Woods. Tiger went to Western HS and then attended Stanford University. Tiger now lives in Orlando Florida with his wife Elin. They have one child, Sam Alexis, that was born on June 18, 2007.

In other sports news the Boston Red Sox swept the Colorado Rockies in 4 uninteresting games for the world series. Rumors are spreading of former Yankees manager Joe Torre going to the Dodgers. Yankees have hired Joe Girardi as their new manager after Torre. The Yankees have also lost A-rod, after opting out of his contract in search of a new team that will pay him $30 million. A-rod is the highest paid player in MLB, and someone else will surely meet the $30 million. In the NBA, more and more trade rumors are coming asking when, and if, Kobe Bryant will be traded. Many people are also wondering how the Boston Celtics will do this season, with stars Kevin Garnett, Ray Allen, and Paul Pierce on their team. I have to admit I’m a little jealous of Boston who is having about the best season anyone could ever ask for in sports. They have the world series winning Boston Red Sox, the New England Patriots could be the best NFL team ever, Boston College is undefeated, and now they have the Celtics with 3 all stars on their team. They have to be having a great time in Boston.



Happy Halloween!

The Car of Tomorrow

There’s a brand new car in Nascar that goes faster, safer, and makes a lot more competitive race! It’s called the Car of Tomorrow, and it definitely could be! This new car could revolutionize Nascar and the way races are done.

This car was first announced to the public on January 12, 2006, but has been in the making for 7 years. This car was made because of the death of Nascar superstar Dale Earnhardt Sr. who died in a wreck in the final lap of the Daytona 500. This car is made to increase fuel efficiency, safety, competition, and to lower maintenance cost for teams. Many other racers also dislike the CoT. Even Kyle Busch who won at Bristol with a CoT said “They suck,” in victory lane.

A total of 13 races using the car of tomorrow have taken place in 2007. Hendrick Motor Sports has 5 wins Hello viewers, this week I’m going to be talking about the Car of Tomorrow (CoT.)with The Car of Tomorrow, Joe Gibbs Racing has 3 wins, Dale Earhnhardt Inc. and Richard Childress Racing have 1 win. In the 2008 season, the CoT was originally thought to be used in only 26 races. However, after the Car of Tomorrow’s success in earlier races, Nascar asked owners about fully introducing the CoT in the 2008 season. 80% of Nascar owners voted for the CoT to be fully raced in 2008, so it was decided that this car will be full time next year.

Car models for the CoT include the Chevrolet Impala SS, Dodge Avenger, Ford Fusion, and Toyota uses the Camry. Most manufacturers use a different model in current cars, except Toyota, but many will most likely use the same model in the 2008 season.

Many people still did not like the CoT, one of the reasons being that Toyota is the first foreign car in Nascar. This season, Toyota has not normally done very well in races. People thought that it would level the playing field to quickly for Toyota, and not be fair to other manufacturers that have been perfecting their design for years. Another large advantage Toyota is getting is that Joe Gibbs Racing, which contains racers like Tony Stewart, will all be driving Toyota’s next season. Joe Gibbs Racing officially announced that they will be driving Toyota’s in the 2008 season.

Jimmie Johnson, with a win last week at Martinsville, trails Jeff Gordon by 53 points in Nextel Cup standings.

Nextel Cup standings:

1. Jeff Gordon

2. Jimmie Johnson

3. Clint Bowyer

4. Tony Stewart

5. Carl Edwards

6. Kyle Busch

7. Kevin Harvick

8. Denny Hamlin

9. Jeff Burton

10. Kurt Busch

Well, thats it for this week. I’ll have a new post up every Friday for sports. Be sure to check out our other blogs, video podcasts, and audio podcasts.



Torre Refuses One More Year With the Yankees

Yankees’ ex-manager Joe Torre bitterly refused another year with them for reasons unknown at the time. What we do know about this is that Torre was one of the best managers out there and I am sure that most Yankee fans out there are mourning his leaving as much as the team itself is. To tell you the truth, I could care less what happens to the Yankees. I’m a Red Sox fan, let’s go Sox!!!

In news more interesting than the Yankees, The Red Sox owned the Indians yesterday. They now represent the AL in the World Series. The Rockies also beat their competition, the D-backs, and are playing the Red Sox in the World Series on Wednesday. I would like to see the Red Sox beat the Rockies because I’m something of a Red Sox fan I guess. Anyway, I’ll keep you posted on the World Series next Monday.

The Unnoticed Sports

Hello viewers, this is sparky101 and I’ll be posting sports articles on Fridays, to cover some more sports topics my friend jzag couldn’t cover.

This week I’d like to focus on some of the sports that people often overlook and don’t pay attention to, even though they can be a lot of fun to watch.

First of all, I would like to start with Nascar, which I enjoy watching a lot. This year, Toyota became the first foreign car company allowed to race in Nascar, but have not found great success. The chase for the Nextel Cup is well on it’s way, with Jeff Gordon in the lead, and twelve contenders left. Some other big names you might recognize are Tony Stewart, 4, Jimmie Johnson, 2, and Denny Hamlin, 9. The popular Dale Earnhardt Jr. was recently cut from the chase. Another very interesting thing is The Car of Tomorrow. These cars have been in the making for 7 years now, and are meant to provide more safety and be more fuel efficient.

Next up we have boxing, which can also be a very fun sport to watch, especially live and in person. Earlier this year was the fight that was supposedly going to “save boxing,” between “Pretty Boy” Floyd Mayweather and “Golden Boy” Oscar De La Hoya. This fight was for the welterweight (147 lbs.) world championship. Mayweather, 29, beat defending champ Oscar De La Hoya, 34, but the fight was close.

Hockey is also an extremely fun sport to watch live, but I have to admit I do not enjoy watching it on tv a lot, for the simple reason the puck is hard to see. Hockey suffered a huge blow 3 years ago when the 2005 Hockey season was officially canceled, because of disagreements between the NHL and the NHL Players’ Association. The NHL finally made an agreement and games began in October, but the NHL lost much fan support, and was already an unpopular sport in the U.S.

Well that’s all for this weeks sports blog. My next post should be out Friday of next week, so come back to our website soon.



Welcome to the Sports Section of our Blog

This is the sports section of the blog where I’ll be talking about sports news for the week and other sports events.

The AL and NL baseball championship series are in full swing. The game today, between the Boston Red Sox and the Cleveland Indians is an important game with the series tied 1-1. Last I checked, the Indians were leading it 2 to nothing in the top of the fourth inning. Rockies player Yorvit Torrealba hit a tie-breaking 3 run homerun during game 3 of their series to put the Rockies up 4 to 1 which helped them win the game to be up in the series 3 to 0.

The New Orleans Saints, with star college runningback Reggie Bush, finally got their first win of the season yesterday against the Seahawks 28 to 17. Bush weaved in and out of the defense to earn the 141 yards that he got. San Diego Chargers’ ex-quarterback Drew Brees threw for 246 yards, 113 of which went to David Patten. The Seahawks, on the other hand, didn’t do so well. Shaun Alexander, runningback for the Seahawks, only ran for 35 yards that game. Matt Hasselbeck passed for 362 yards surprisingly but that mainly came from trying to come back after being down by three touchdowns.