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2 Month Old Girl Burned in Microwave

According to Fox News, a 2 month old girl was burned in a microwave in Galveston, Texas. The dad of the girl said he was under a lot of stress and decided to put her in the microwave. The 2 month old girl was only in the microwave for about 20 seconds. When the father made the call to 911 he said that he had tripped with a pot of hot water and burned the little girl. The girl’s mother, Eva Marie Mauldin, said that the 19 year old father had some mental disability. She also said that he would never do something like that and that Satan persuaded him to put their daughter into the microwave. The girl’s father, Joshua Mauldin, is being charged with a felony injury to a child. If he was guilty then he could go to prison for 99 years.

I personally think that this guy should definitely go to jail until his death or possibly the death penalty, and that it is no accident to put a baby in the microwave!!! And even if this father had a mental disability then he should be watched when he is with his child so this doesn’t happen again, and he should also get lots of mental help. I also think that the mother is trying to cover up the crime by saying that Satan was possessing him.

Police Officer Shot in Doughnut Shop

A police officer in Philadelphia was killed this week in a Dunkin’ Donuts. Charles Cassidy was 54 and was shot in the head. The shooter was already in the shop before Cassidy walked in. The shooter was demanding money from the counter, said a witness. Cassidy had served for 25 years and died at 9:40 a.m., Thursday at Albert Einstein Medical Center. The police department chased the shooter in his SUV when he eventually got out of his car and shot at the policed car chasing the suspect. The officer who was driving the police car was shot at the shoulder and is in ok condition. The gunmen in that shooting jumped into the Schuylkill River. Police found a body down the river but aren’t sure if it’s the suspect’s body.

In other news, a 10 year old boy admits to starting the California wildfires. The boy was playing with matches and started the fire. The boy’s father tried to put out the flames with a with a blanket but it was already too big. The fire that this boy started has burned over 21 homes. There were no charges pressed.  Neighbors say that it wasn’t on purpose which they could tell by his reaction and his very wide eyes.

Massive Wildfires Rage On!!!

San Diego, California, a massive wildfires continues to burn thousands and thousands of acres. 1 million people had to flee their homes to escape the fire. The fire has burned over 100,000 acres of land around San Diego, threatening about 56,000 homes. According to, “It will not end until it reaches the ocean or the winds change,” said San Diego Fire Battalion Chief Bruce Cartell. at least 17 fires have scorched 680 square miles in just San Diego alone. Every emergency shelter has been filled to its capacity, even the navy has ordered sailors out of barracks and onto ships to make room for evacuating citizens. The smoke is so think that water from the ocean and the pools are turning black with soot. the soot is also covering the sun up. The fire has spread so fast that people who were in no threat last night are now being ordered to evacuate their homes.

In other news, police charged Tyler McIntyre, a 14 year old boy, with one count of manslaughter on his twin brother. Christopher McIntyre was at home with his brother, father and a teenage stepsister when Tyler shot him with a handgun. the police were not sure if it was a homicide, a terrible accident or murder. The investigators would not tell why it took them a month to charge Tyler. Tyler McIntyre had been charged with criminal damage and Christopher McIntyre faced charges of disorderly conduct with a domestic violence aggravation, threatening and intimidating, and possession of drug paraphernalia.

In other world news, four British parents died trying to save their drowning children when they got caught in the powerful current. Bob and Debbie Fry ran into the ocean at Praia do Tonel, Portugal after their children, George and Rose, had got caught in the current while playing with a German child. When the couple from Wootton Bassett, near Swindon in Wiltshire, were dragged out into the sea their friend Jean Dinsmore also waded into the waves to try to rescue the children. All three of them were swept away.

The Latest In World News

Hi my name is Carl and I will be giving you breaking news from around the U.S. and around the world. An upcoming debate is if we should lower the drinking age in the U.S. Many people think it is a bad idea because there are many reports of underage drinking that causes severe accidents while driving. Others think that the drinking age should be lowered because then when they become 21 they go binge drinking and don’t know how to handle alcohol. I think that the drinking age should not be lowered to 18 because if they do lower it then they 18 year olds will take advantage of it.

Another developing story is about a 6 year old boy who decided that he wanted to drive his grandmother’s car to Applebee’s and get something to eat. He did not get that far because he backed into an Avista utilities power line.200 people are without power in Colorado. It looks like the mother doesn’t have a handle on this child.

In Ohio a mother of a 2 year old daughter, left her child in her parked car for 8 hours in the sun. The temperatures outside reached about 100 degrees outside and 150 degrees in the car!! The 2 year old girl died before they could get inside to her. OK how can you forget about your kid in the back of your car for eight hours. Wouldn’t the mother see when she got out of her car that there was a small little girl in the back of the car? They investigated the mother and was found innocent. 340 children have died from being left in their cars that reach over 100 degree.

Going on right now is a worldwide man hunt for A man named Chris Neil. He is the world’s most wanted pedophile. He is using a Canadian passport to get around the world and has abused over 12 Asian children. He posing as an English teacher in Yongin, South Korea. They are currently searching in Thailand for this man

About 110 people were killed Thursday night in Pakistan during a motorcade that was carrying a former Pakistani prime minister Benazir Bhutto. Two explosions went off in the motorcade but Bhutto was not hurt.